Shamisen Players App


After the quite popular Shamisen Player app with 1916 downloads as of today I have about a day ago also made available on Google Play an extended version called Shamisen Players.

While the earlier app featured only the niagari tuning the main thing about the new version of course is that it features all of the tunings.

On top of that or besides it does also feature quite a variety of bonus and easter egg contents.

(also sporting additional background sounds for playing (wonderful thunder and rain - spaceship enroute to the edges of the universe - crickets ridden countryside) and a playing lesson with tabulature notation of a famous tune and a general introduction to the cool instrument in my own words of course also with a convenient glossary of shamisen terms and the option to set orange as the background color of your phone or copy a hajiki symbol into a message and several relaxing background sounds you can put on for meditation or going to sleep and of course also an easter egg soundboard featuring taiko as well as cats and dogs sounds among others)

So one could actually call such virtually endless fun even more than one app combined into one and all of that for a price of a single pack of bubble gum.

(I indeed dared to charge a fee after not a single soul dared to explore the option of donating a cup of coffee as offered in the earlier app)

Anyway though should you be very low on cash as a bachido member you could also get this extended version of the app free of any charge in july simply by contacting me through bachido for a voucher code.

Any and all of the apps I try to create come without any ads and also of course the earlier app version Shamisen Player is to stay out there available absolutely for free.

Cheers and have a good sunday and go play whatever you got :slight_smile:



Whoa this looks cool!
I don’t have a google play capable phone anymore but if I get one I’ll definitely go straight for this app :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to have a tablet with the old shamisen app and that was awesome so I’m sure this ones great. Keep up the great work!


Yay!!! :smiley:


Yay and thanks Ian !

Up next I want to look into creating some sort of game possibly even with some moving things on the screen . . . :slight_smile:


It’s sooooooooooooooooo cool to have an application… but make sure to make it accessible ahah!


Good news and good news (yeah oh well it’s one of those days) SO Shamisen Player AND Shamisen Players (in case you fancy ALL of the tunings and COOL bonus features) are now BOTH available FOR FREE that’s right for Android on Google Play.

Of course the Shamisen Player app still does include an option to DONATE A CUP OF COFFEE and in the Shamisen Players app you might even stumble upon also a link to a GOOD TEXT IMAGES app which you could also download for cheap from Google Play of course but that’s up to you :wink:

So enjoy I hope and have a good weekend :slight_smile:

Up next I guess is a game of some sort called Simple And Retro so stay tuned :wink:

Also and on a personal funny note I had a very cool taxi ride into the blue today also featuring a visit to the one and only world famous and actually very nice for real (surprisingly) Schwarzenegger museum around here . . . :wink:


Is the app compatible?