Shamisen radio (videos)



Where are actually all these videos from? They look like some kind of yearly contest or festival? Is there something like a shamisen festival in Japan?


Hey oonabe, I will be obliged to answer you’re question. These videos are from a shamisen tournament called: “The National Tsugaru Shamisen Championship”. It is a tournament for Tsugaru shamisen known from all over Japan. It happens only one a year in early Spring in Hirosaki, Japan, and it is streamed on Youtube. The streams verify in length, but the usual length is about 7 to 9 hours. Here is a link to a guy I know that streams the tournament every year. ( You may watch this anytime you want because it’s so long. I really want to play at this event sometime in the future, so be on the lookout for me! :grin: (By the way, if you know Norm, the guy that films Ki&Ki videos, he is in this tournament. He performs at: 3hrs, 56mins. If you want to find out more about him, here are some links to his videos.) = ( and ( Enjoy!


Wow, very nice information, thanks a lot for sharing. I wished I could find similar channels that stream Japanese contests and similar live on YT, but that would be a theme for a different thread.

If you manage to get to the tournament let me know, I’d be glad to watch and of course if that happens you’ll have to tell me which of the many players you are. I’ll be there cheering digitally :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, arigatou gozaimashita

Simply because it’s Kitano and Shimura.


Nevermind the shamisen, Kitano can tap dance!? :exploding_head:


Modern piece :sunglasses::grin:


Mike Penny did this medley of Jesus Christ Superstar tunes around Easter. I got a real kick out of it since my mother listened to this a lot when I was a kid


I don’t think this one has been posted before. Even if it has, it’s worth watching again. :grin:


Takasaki Hiroshi | 髙﨑裕士 and friend :grin:


Haha this is great! Thanks for the video!


Does anyone know the name of this shamisen player?


Pretty sure that’s Hanawa Chie, yo.


Yes this person is Chie Hanawa


This is not really a song but a nice extract from the movie Ichi (2008) where the main role, Ichi herself, plays the shamisen


Mario :musical_note:



This is an odd one. A women’s wrestling match :women_wrestling: begins with a shamisen solo and then the gentleman plays for the duration of the match.