Shamisen radio (videos)


Hi all,

I just wanted to start a thread where we all post some shamisen videos or audio links to artist we like or have found recently playing the shamisen, so we get all the chance to know something new.

I couldn’t find something similar in this forum so I just start posting a video I am watching every day since last week, I can’t get enough seeing how good this two girls play and do it with a great synchronization.

I hope you like it, and if you do an cannot read japanese you can find their music on several music platforms by searching for “kikinomi”, everything is in the video description already.

Here is the video, I’ll be posting more in the next hours, days…

Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki - Tsugaru Jongara Bushi


I’m posting a second video today, hope the people who see it like it…

Chie Hanawa - Shamisen Solo


Today I’m posting a video from a Shamisen trio called Mitsune that comes from Germany, the country I live in. It is a cover version of Satie’s Gymnopedie nr. 1, hope you like it.

BTW, the band has an album available on Apple Music and I guess Spotify too, I think it has a good sound production which makes their music even more enjoyable.


Oh my gosh wow, Gymnopedie no. 1 has been my favorite classical pieces for years and shamisen fits it perfectly. Thanks for sharing!


I’m glad you like it, Gymnopedie no 1 is a very beautiful piece, and as you said the shamisen fits it perfectly :slight_smile:

I didn’t mention it before, but anyone feel free to post videos or audios here, I still don’t know that many good shamisen videos to seep this thread alive by myself. And I will be glad to see your recommendations too


Today I’m posting another video by Chie Hanawa, which I find very nice because of the good photography, nice to see her shamisen with that picture quality and definition



Nice, thanks for posting, didn’t know this one and it sounds nice, very traditional which is beautiful


Not surprising, kouta doesn’t get a lot of play here or elsewhere. The performer, Umekichi, has been around for a while, but she still tours.


Here is some Gokayama Min’yo from this year’s Johana Mugiya Matsuri


Nice! is it you playing there Christopher? :slight_smile:


I love these traditional events and festivals in Japan, I recently watched this video, not a very impressive shamisen technique but as far as I still don’t own a shamisen myself I get a little bit jealous seeing the first rows of the marching crowd


I’m one of the folks playing, yes! I claim only the sour notes.

Here’s Echuu Owara Bushi


Nice song and performance, I also love the kokyu sound, I’ve been looking for a VST kokyu for composing songs on my computer but couldn’t find one :cry:

Here another shamisen solo video, should be part of a movie called “Tengu”:


I love this woman!! She’s really awesome!! :heart_eyes:







I thought they did really great