Shamisen radio (videos)


Some Deep Purple on the shamisen :grinning::musical_note:


Ran across this a while back and got a real kick out of it:

Tap seems like a dying art. It’s a shame. I miss the heydays of Gregory Hines and his compatriots.


The shamisen player takes the lead…


Hey,this is a pretty good video. Thanks for sharing!! :slight_smile:








I hope you all enjoy these videos! :grin:


I’m enjoying the videos! :smiley: I would not have discovered Takatora Kawamoto (川本高虎—the musician in the “Tengu” video above) without this thread.


Hey MMIX, these videos you are posting are really great! keep the videos coming! :grin:


Here is a video by the seshame street bros.



I think that’s the band with Chie Hanawa, but not completely sure about it


Here is a video by Hiromitsu Agatsuma, mixing the Shamisen with some modern sounds in future bass style


SHINTA & Masahiro (Nitta)
The video quality is so-so, but there’s no problem with the shamisen and wadaiko sound! :notes: :fire:


They just pulled Agatsuma’s latest album (which includes the song above) off of Apple Music and Spotify. Now I’m sad. It’s got some good stuff on it. I hope that it’s just some licensing issue and they bring it back.


I wonder what Masahiro nitta is up to these days.