Shamisen Rentals In Japan

I am going to be in Japan for 2 1/2 months and would like to rent a shamisen (Tsugaru). We have a home address in Niigata that it can be sent to. Does anybody know of this kind of service. I am from Canada, and my wife is Japanese and is able to contact the company if needed. I have been learning Minyo songs (both singing and playing) for the past 4 years now and want to continue… but I don’t wish to take my shamisen with me.

Thank you for any suggestions.


Most shops offer some kind of rental program - so just look at the closest on to your Niigata residence!

I’m over in Toyama, so I don’t know the shops in Niigata personally - but I’d reckon a search of 新潟市和楽器屋 will turn up good options


Thank you … this is a good idea

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