Shamisen shops in Tokyo or Kyoto

I’ll be in Tokyo and Kyoto for two weeks end of May, and might have a shamisen that needs re-covering, and wanted to get some shamisen swag. Does anyone know if there are good shops to at least get the shamisen accessories? (I need a new koma, probably some matching tsuru, etc.).
I’m also looking for some more music books.

Hi Cathleen,

You’re going to Japan at an excellent time of year! The weather should be very beautiful.

The shop I would highly recommend is Shamisen Katoh in Tokyo. The owner, Kinji Katoh, is a super-nice, generous man and is always happy to meet and help shamisen enthusiasts from around the world. He does shamisen re-skinning, and has swag available too.

Here is his website -

And location on Google Maps.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.85970519,d.cGU&biw=1745&bih=829&dpr=1.1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ei=HIDeVPqtKInooASlkIGYAg&ved=0CAsQ_AUoAA

Please give him my regards! :slight_smile:

thanks kyle, i ll go there in 2 weeks to get my first shamisen :slight_smile:

Please give Katoh san my kindest regards! :slight_smile: He’s the best!

Already done three days ago, Kyle !

Thanks for this info Kyle. I’m going to Tokyo in a few days and will be visiting this shop when I get there. Some shamisen swag will be a great souvenir.

Hi Kyle, I was wondering if this is still a recommended shop for shamisen accessories? I know the post is old, but I’ll be in town for a few weeks and I’d love a new Bachi and Koma. Thanks!

Hey Sean! I loved Shamisen Katoh then, still love him now! One of my most favorite folks in Tokyo. :slight_smile: Definitely pop in and say hello!