Shamisen stand/hanger


Anyone know where to buy the traditional looking boxed shamisen stand/hanger?

Also anyone know where to buy shamisen parts like Itomaki (pegs)


Hi Joe!

We used to carry it here, but being that it’s an item which costs over $300, I ended up removing it due to lack of interest. :wink:
We could try to find one for you, but it might be better to just try making one (or having one made locally), as there’s nothing too special about it.

We can get itomaki for you as well. At some point, I’ve been meaning to make a page on the Bachido Store specifically for itomaki, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Was there a specific size and style you are interested in?

Note, Other shamisen hardware is here -



The Itomaki I was looking for was naugata/jiuta size and just the standard traditional hexagon shape


Got it! I’ll ask my partner to see if we can get it. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, the size for nagauta and jiuta are different, and thus the price might be different as well. Is your shamisen (or the one you’re planning to use them for) one or the other? (An easy way to check is if the bottom of the sao, hatomune, cuts off sharply or gradually slopes down to the dou)


I need both because I have both a nagauta and jiuta


Understood! :slight_smile: I’ll let you know when I get a reply from my partner.


I have two used shamisen from Japan. Is there a way to share and sell them here?