Shamisen wall hook


I’m curious if anyone has any ideas on wall hooks for a shamisen? I don’t have a case or anything like that so I’m trying to get it up and out of the way! Yeah… I have a 2 year old.


Wall hooks for Shamisens are common in Japan. Any photos/videos of Kyle or me visiting Masahiro Nitta will feature various Shamis hanging from the wall in the background. Not sure if bachido is selling those yet but if not someone should alert Kyle!

Hey Kyle!. . . . .ALERT!


I know there are some, but I’m not sure where to get one. I’ve got my Shamisen in a normal guitar stand, however I would like to change that.
Kyle put together a pretty sweet gadget on his wall. It’s shaped like a box, or a cupboard almost, and the shamisen sits inside of it and has a latch in the front to keep it from going anywhere.
I’m certain buying a hook would be much easier though… hah.


Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

Yes. It’s Hercules! :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s what Masahiro uses, but we’ve got 'em for most all our instruments. Works really well.

Grant: Ah yeah. I built the standing box, which is available in the Bachido Store! :stuck_out_tongue: -

But again, Hercules. I’d get it just for the name.


And rightly so Kyle, it’s pretty boss.


They look like sturdy and good stuff. Aren’t you afraid that the tenjin will get loose though?


I’ve seen the Hercules wall hook at Best Buy in the music section, I didn’t look at how much it was there but next time I go I’ll look


I don’t have kids, but I assume if they are making a mess you can hang em up without problems in one of those as well!


Karl: Excellent question! I wouldn’t think so. Granted, shamisen can be rather heavy, but if it was glued with wood glue (I doubt hide glue is used much anymore), it would be no problem. I would be more afraid of the dou slipping off of the nakago (which should happen for tight fitting dou, but in that case it’s only friction holding it together). However, if it is strung, that wouldn’t be a problem either.

Haha! The parental advantages of being a musician. :wink:

Btw, Masahiro’s shamisen holder is homemade.

Doesn’t quite caress the tenjin in foam-lined comfort, but it gets the job done. :wink:


Not sure I would have the balls to have it hanging on the wall. Too afraid the dou would come off and hit the ground. My itomakis tend to slip when I’m not using it and the fit between the sao and dou could be tighter.