Shinobi Koma - Kobashiki


Does anyone have one of these (Shinobi Koma - Kobashiki)? or the “delux” one?
I would like to get an opinion or even see a video or something before buying one.


Bleh, early morning.

Hold on a sec while I find better information

Here is a video of the kobashiki

Here is a person playing Jongara on it


Thanks Christopher.


Just my two cents but I have a Shinobi Koma - Deluxe and I think it is just as quiet but has better tone.


The delux is way cheaper, do you have an idea why its so? if the delux matches muting ability, and has similar (or better) tone, whats the catch?


It looks cooler? A ten dollar Timex and a five thousand dollar Rolex both say three O’ clock. So the price difference is obviously about something other than telling time.


Haha Gotcha. I’m not to concerned with looking cool when I’m practing alone at home, so I will go with the delux. Thanks


I got the delux, but when playing above position 12 the strings hit the part that sites over the skin, at the edge of the dou. So any notes obove position 12 don’t sound. Is this normal? or do you think I should cut it down a little?


After trying many, personally, my favorite koma are the cheapest plastic ones I can get for 300 yen.

But I keep dropping them and stepping on them so I have to buy them in lots of 10.


Hi! Sorry for the bare qustion. Is this a song? Or a shamisen?


Ale, it’s a kind of bridge used to practice shamisen quietly.


luke, why not try to create your own shinobi koma or ask the joiner of your trust to do it for you? i have made shinobi koma from four different kinds of wood so far and do think them useful …


Kay, Yea, that’s what I have settled on. After buying and seeing the deluxe I could understand it, so I just rigged something similar up.

Its nice to be able to play after midnight, when I feel most creative XD

I prefer the deluxe style over the long koma because with the long koma it hurts my little finger.


The shinobi koma I got with my used shamisen seems to be much higher than regular tsugaru koma. Maybe it was the wrong kind.


They are higher, but they bend a lot so the actual difference when under the strings might not be so drastic.