Shipping question!

Hello from Canada!

Just had a few questions about shipping for the Raven (hurray, it’s back!), now, having had a traumatic experience with FedEx and a shamisen (Go figure, they broke the tenjin while it was in transit in the US).

  1. How is the Raven packed? Disassembled, each piece of carefully wrapped up in foam, or assembled and sent in a very thin cardboard box? (A la Nichiwa?)

  2. As per the precaution regarding Bachido shamisen being broken in transit, if it is delivered and it was broken during transit, can we exchange it for a new one after assessment with pictures? (Ergo, I would like a little more clarification if possible please ;w;)

  3. Will it be shipped directly to my home, or can I combine buying a mitsuori case for the Raven?

Thank you in advance !