Shipping to the UK?

I’ve read the covid 19 may update and also a few comments to do with shipping to the US being delayed. I wondered if someone could tell me if the UK has the same delay on orders?


It would appear that EMS to the UK has resumed, as per the Japan Post website:

Japan Post is indicating that delays are expected for most orders due to the decrease in air traffic this year, but you shouldn’t see the kinds of delays we’re getting in the US. That said, it might be best to confirm before finalizing your purchase in the store.

Thanks for the advice, that really helps.
I’ll double check and hope for the best.

I have received several packages from Japan and there has been a slight delay but I think this is more to do with staff shortages in the UK border at Langley (Heathrow). I don’t think EMS is overly affected at the moment but this could change.

Thanks I’ll bare this in mind