Skin thickness and which side of dou?

I got some goat skins but noticed that one is 0.4mm and the other 0.6mm thick. I am wondering, which would be better suited in front of the dou (playing side) and which in the back.
Thank you for any advice!

I just guessing here but seeing as thick is recommended and the bachi strikes can add stress to the skin I think the thicker should be on the front. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will confirm this for you.

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I just found on pg 72 to turn the skin so the thicker side of an uneven piece is on the striking side and thickness consistancy along the string path is ideal.

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Yes, this is what I remember as well. The thicker part goes below the strings (tapered across the strings)


Yes, I remember that too. Also, I will go with the thicker skin in front and thinner in the back, it makes sense, just wanted to make sure :slight_smile: The process will have to wait however, due to really damp, cold, and bad weather… and no 200W lightbulb around. Sigh.

If you have a wood stove they dry everything nearby quickly. Not just the heat but more so that they reduce air moisture.