String snapping from bachi

Hi all, new shamisen player here. I’m having an issue with my strings. Whenever I started practicing the first few days, I realized my strings all are getting a frayed-like effect from where I’m striking the strings with the bachi. Today, I even snapped the third (thinnest) string. I’m wondering, am I getting bad strings or am I just striking incredibly incorrectly with the bachi? I’m following all the guides I’ve found online on how to strike the dou/hold the bachi. Look forward to anyone’s help. Thanks in advance!

Hello Kris and welcome to the community!

What material is your bachi made of?

Otherwise, if your thinnest string is from silk, I think that it is not unusual that it breaks. Mine broke too quickly but those strings were added to the shamisen I bought on ebay, so who knows how old or where they came from.

Sorry, I did not answer your question but I believe you´ll have the answer soon! :slight_smile: