Studio Chats: Eien Hunter-Ishikawa


After his intense taiko teaching tour, taiko/fue/percussionist extraordinaire and fellow coffee-roasting connoisseur Eien Hunter-Ishikawa visited Bachido HQ!

Trained by Kenny Endo and a member of the On Ensemble, Eien is preparing to start a high-level video series for taiko (and other instruments)! Exciting news!

He came by to check out the studio and discuss ideas for lesson production. Afterwards, we set up the blog equipment for some impromptu jamming and an unabridged chat about music and teaching theories!

Eien has several interviews of great performers on his blog, and is also sharing his adventures of bread making there as well. Whether you’re interested in professional lessons, performance hiring or absorbing knowledge at his blog, there’s much to see at Eien’s website! -

If an audio-only format of this chat suits your listening preference, you can check out the audio stream at Eien’s blog here -