Summertime Care for Shamisen


Whats the best ways to protect your shamisen while transporting it around in a hot car during the summer months?

During the day, I work and then go to practice or have a lesson later in the day but its unreasonable to go back home to pick it up and I cant leave the car on with A/C all day… what are steps I can take to care for my shamisen?


Do you work indoors? If so, why not take it inside?


You need to take it inside with you, or consider leaving it at your practice space.

I wouldn’t leave my shamisen in a hot car for any longer than I’d have to. Golly, think of what the temperatures would do to the skinning? Natural or otherwise.


Yeah its not possible… I know, its stressing me out so bad.


I do, but as a consultant in many different places so it would be strange. Like a copy machine repairman bringing their shamisen case in with them… LOL. It wouldnt work out. And most places I work also dont have A/C either…


A washi bag and dehumidifying packets can help manage moisture issues - but your battle is going to be temperature.

To which I don’t think I can offer much help. Keep it out of direct sunlight as best you can, or swallow your pride and bring it with you wherever if you can’t leave it at home or in your practice space. Even if your work spaces don’t have A/C, they’re not going to be the solar oven that your auto turns into.


In the places you go is there a receptionist you can leave your instrument with?

I would never leave an instrument in a car. The temperature can climb too high too quickly and cause the neck to warp or the body to crack (in the case of a guitar or ukulele).


Unfortunately, no. I will likely have to figure out something else that works for me.