Super super upset 😢

Hi there , I’ve just about to start my first shamisen experience , today I’ve received my shamisen order form Japan and when I open the box , my heart broke :sob::sob::sob::sob:the neck is broken , and now I’m really really upset dont know what To do ,it’s expensive for me , around 85000yen :sob::sob::sob:

Anyone have experience about this ? Really upset!

I’m new here can’t post the pics to show u all :cry:

What you mean by broken? Is the neck separate in 3 pieces? Or is broken like really broken? You can post pictures, when you’re posting there’s a small icon like a picture shape, click on it and add em.
If is really broken i think @Kyle_Abbott can do really magic into that.

Oh my! So sorry for what happened, I would be upset too…

Did you buy your shamisen from a store? If so, it would be best if you could contact them and tell them what happened + pictures. I am sure that they would be willing to figure things out.

If it is bought through an auction with a proxy service then try to contact the proxy, see what can be done but I don´t know how much can be solved in this case.

Where did the neck break?

Broke like this :sob::sob::sob:I will call the shamisen shop owner tmr :sob:

Thanks Brandon , I’m so helpless when I c this :sob::sob::sob:

Thanks Stefanie , I will call the shamisen Japan shop owner tmr ,try to communicate with him :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Oh, Wow, my heart broke when I saw that. I’m so sorry that happened to you. That poor shamisen.


Hello Wanni!
Were you able to contact the seller? I hope it got resolved…

I’ve called the owner, he told me he bought insurance and it takes time to claim the money ,but he have arrange the new one to me immediately and I received yesterday night , so happy :grin:


Thank you for all the reply msg! It makes me feel so warm :grin::grin:

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So happy for you! :smile: And now I have read that you already got it too, yay!!!

Nice! I’m glad you were able to get a second one.