Taiko Center Shamisen - Is it any good?

I’ve seen this shamisen set online in multiple stores and I was wondering if it’s any good. Anyone has any insight?

Thanks in Advance!

Link: https://taiko-shop.com/products/tsugaru-shamisen-beginner-set

The “special set” is standard student grade.

  • The bachi is definitely plastic which is fine for getting started, but you’ll probably want to replace it before long ( :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:)
  • From the photo it looks like the kamigoma is also plastic. I’m not sure about the sound quality of that. :unamused:
  • It doesn’t have azuma sawari which is common for this price range (neither the ShamiBuddy nor the Beginner Shamisen offered by Bachido have it though Kyle posted videos about how to achieve the effect)

Whether this set is “any good” really depends on what else is available to you and how important it is that what you buy be a Tsugaru shamisen.