Taking Notation Requests

I’m kinda bored and need to practice.

If you have any sheet music you would like to turn into shamisen tabs or written tabs that need digitizing, shoot me a request and attach the sheet music to it. It would be easier to convert it if in the Hirajoshi scale or anything similar.

I usually save them as PDFs, but I can only seem to get PNGs on here.


This is really dumb, but is it possible to write a translation of western notes to tabs? Like, what note Corresponds to each finger position? It probably can’t be done, but I’d love to try!

By the way, how do you convert the sheet music to tabs? I’ve been looking for a way forever!


The MuseScore version I’m using is not being friendly at all when using both types of notation. The notes on the piano are oddly large, but I think they are still discernable. Alternate fingerings are listed.

Here is a chart. 二上り CGC
一の糸 0 C
二の糸 0 G
三の糸 0 C

IIRC, It’s this post. Musescore Shamisen Font
That’s the method I use ^

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This reply legit made me cry. I’ve never seen anything so amazing before. Your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for all you have done. It’s so helpful!


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Are you able to create notations by listening to a specific sing?

Hi! If you’re still taking requests I’d like to see Boulevard of Broken Dreams for shamisen!

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Is there a chance to get he notation for merry go round from howl moving castle?

maybe you can make notation for “aura lee”