Tanko Bushi on Sanshin


Hello, I am new on Bachido, nice to meet everyone.

I started with playing on a Kankara Sanshin (I recently got a Sanshin with artificial Snakeskin), and also have a Gottan.
If I get the chance I plan to learn to play Tanko Bushi, however, I been wanting to attempt it on my Sanshin as well (since I am still a beginner, but have more experience on the Sanshin than the Gottan).

Recently I found two videos of Tanko Bushi being played on the Sanshin, with a very beautiful sound. (but I am sharing only one)

I do not think I’ll have to actually adjust my play style on Sanshin, but I am not sure where to start. Though I believe the video is playing with B-E-B.