TATAKI: Taiko & Shamisen Workshop Series


The Taiko drum and three-stringed shamisen may seem like two completely different instruments, yet both instruments share what is called “tataki”. Though “tataki” simply means “striking”, the deep-rooted fundamentals of tataki is what connects both instruments together. This connection is why many taiko players are able to pick up shamisen with great ease, and vice-versa.

Taiko extraordinaire Eien Hunter-Ishikawa and shamisen master-dabbler Kyle Abbott are teaming up in California to bring you a taiko and shamisen experience like no other!

About Eien Hunter-Ishikawa


Eien Hunter-Ishikawa is a musician, educator, and composer based in Portland, Oregon. He is a member of the contemporary taiko quartet On Ensemble and continues to be in high demand as a taiko instructor incorporating traditional and contemporary techniques.

He holds a Master of Music degree in percussion and has performed extensively as a member of the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble. Find out more about Eien at his website - http://www.eienhunterishikawa.com/

About Kyle Abbott


Founder of Bachido and ShamiCamp, Kyle Abbott has passionately dedicated himself to the Japanese shamisen since the age of 14. From learning how to play and build the instrument, all the way to becoming a professional performer and teacher of the shamisen.

With his performance and international workshops, Kyle seeks to inspire the world with the Japanese shamisen. Check out his solo page - http://www.threestringkyle.com

Intermediate Level

For regular practitioners of taiko and shamisen seeking to level up their abilities. Both groups will taught volume sensitivity for playing with other instruments and each other.

Beginner Level

To give regular shamisen and taiko players the opportunity to have fun trying the other instrument! Shamisen players can learn taiko basics, and taiko players can learn shamisen basics!

TATAKI brings two unique workshops each day!

Original TATAKI Composition

Paring the unique qualities of taiko and shamisen, Eien and Kyle are carefully composing an original piece which you will learn as you expand your skills!

The composition is arranged to be played with taiko and shamisen either individually or together. Bring the song back home to enjoy by yourself or play with your group!


SEPT 1st & 2nd (Sat/Sun)
11am to 7:30pm
(Tataki Schedule below!)


San Jose Japantown
(Subject to change)

Akiyama Wellness Center
110 Jackson St,
San Jose, CA 95112

We want to hear from you!

We would love to see you at Tataki this year! If you would like to attend, please show us your interest here! - https://form.jotform.com/80257874772973 When tickets are released, you will be the first to know! :slight_smile:

Reaching Attendance by MAY 31st:

In hosting a niche event like this, it’s no secret that simply ‘breaking even’ is a difficult challenge. Eien and Kyle are very excited to share their skills in Tataki, and to ensure that they don’t lose money, they are applying for cultural grants to support the event. In the unlikely case that they don’t receive the grant nor get enough attendance to support the event, they will have to postpone TATAKI until a future date.

In the case that they have to postpone TATAKI, registrants will IMMEDIATELY receive a 100% REFUND.

Tataki Schedule (Sat/Sun)

11:00am - Introductions/Warm Up
11:30am - First beginning workshop (Taiko students learn shamisen, shamisen students learn taiko)
12:30pm - First intermediate workshop (taiko and shamisen students build skills on their primary instruments)
1:30pm - Lunch break and discussion session
2:30pm - Second beginning workshop
3:30pm - Second intermediate workshop
4:30pm - Informal concert and Q&A
5:30pm - Combined Workshop (both groups play together)
6:30pm - Open study time (practice with fellow students, etc)
7:30pm - Finish

Please bring your own taiko or shamisen if available
Kyle and Eien will also bring extra taiko and shamisen for participant use. Donations for use are appreciated.

Feel free to ask any questions at kyle(at)bachido(dot)com

See you at TATAKI!
Kyle Abbott & Eien Hunter-Ishikawa