Taxi Rides


so I had my share of crazies so far these quite busy holidays . . . one ride felt like some satirical mission straight from the GTA computer game and another one featured police assisted collecting of cash on a highway . . .

as long as they don’t puke and pay the fare . . .

actually though I am just writing this to revieve the tradition of drunken posts on bachido (who could blame me) so I felt like sharing a dinner picture . . .

what are you doing this weekend?


Yay!! Drunk posts are back!

that looks like an awesome pan-full of post-drinking munchies, BH!

Well, it’s Sunday, only 5 hours left in this weekend. I just came back from an awaodori (Japanese dance group) rehearsal in San Francisco. Whew, the shamisen phrase is very simple, but the strum is incredibly repetitive that the hand gets so tired. Anywho, it was much fun. :slight_smile:


Haha thanks and this forum is awesome . . . cool idea to share a GREAT happy holidays tune, shamispoons made of my alltime favorite metals are available, exciting video footage of someone changing a string on stage, several potential black magic DIY threads and after daring to check this forum about a week later I find I wasn’t bashed for another silly drunken post :slight_smile:

Cheers and I hope you had a nice christmas too . . .