The first shamisen with cat fur


I know the nagauta shamisen are made of skin cat, but I didn’t know they could been made of cat’s fur.

Okay jokes aside, I have a cat and she leaves so much hair on all my clothes, so my shamisen is taking all that fur from my clothes. Is this something dangerous in some way for my shamisen? Should I try to prevent it?

This is Mitxi, the criminal (also tried to step over my lap when I was playing shamisen).

Hey Saraku.

As the vassal of a cat, and owner of several synthetic skin Shamisen, I can tell you that, besides the annoyance of cat hair getting onto the skin, it’s easily removable with adhesive hand rollers, or a medium-hard bristle brush, without any risk to the skin.

It would be wise to not let the hair accumulate on the skin, as the photo you have posted shows. The more it accumulates, the more it risks getting into the fibers of the synthetic skin. So it’s best to remove it before it gets too hairy.

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Oh okay! Thanks! I will buy a hand roller to remove the hair then :slight_smile: