The Hososao Tsugaru Shamisen

Does a Hososao Tsugaru Shamisen exactly sound like a Nagauta Shamisen?

Basically a Nagauta shamisen built for Tsugaru Style (?)

Please link the auction listing so I can investigate the dimensions. In the future, it is helpful to do that from the beginning.

Calling something a “hosozao tsugaru shamisen” doesn’t mean a lot. You need to know the dimensions of the instrument to guess at its sound character.


Is it this on Ezofuji?

That’s the one. No dimensions though

@Masahiro_Nitta would be better able to answer this question, given that he is the seller.

However, notice that the listing is for a hosozao shamisen, not a nagauta shamisen. Those are different things.

The former is a class of neck which is generally associated with a few different genres (depending on who you talk to), and the latter is a specific type of shamisen and genre of music.

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Alright thanks. I would like to know how the neck sizes would affect anything especially the sound