The Raising Fighting Spirit Notation - Naruto

Hello hello,
I recently wrote a notation for “The Raising Fighting Spirit” from Naruto because I love the series to death haha. I know it may not be the longest/hardest thing to notate, but I thought maybe someone can find it usefull :stuck_out_tongue:.
Note wise - I believe I’m accurate.
Rhythm wise - um… I don’t really know what I’m doing but hopefully you can figure it out? I’ll link the song so you can reference it. The shamisen part starts around 00:48 seconds in.

[Removed the notation and will pm whoever wants it, I’m a little unclear if I can post notations that aren’t from Bachido school or if it’s no notations whatsoever so I’d rather not risk it.]

(Please excuse my subpar writing, also the little lines above any double digit number is to show it’s a double digit and not two separate numbers.)