The Raven…not by Edgar Allan Poe


Hey Kyle,
Will the Bachido Community get an early peek at The Raven? :slightly_smiling_face:


This answers my question:


Oops, missed your thread, sorry!
Yep, you got it! :slight_smile:


Wow, that sounds nice.


Wow! I really like that! If I were to guess the price of that, I would never expect such a beautiful shamisen to have such a low price!


I :heart: it.

I was going to ask about import issues since it’s made of Shitan (Rosewood), but it wouldn’t make sense to release it if there were issues, right? So yay! This makes my shamisen acquisition radar.


Hey MMIX, I’m so glad you made the choice of possibly getting the Raven shamisen! I’m so happy for you!!