Thoughts on komatsuya's ripple Shamisen?

I want a tsugaru style, however, Im saving up for the Sakura.
Need something for beginner right now.
What do yall think of komatsuya’s ripple Shamisen brand?

Is it any good? A bit nervous with the synthetic skin

Ripple (which is brand of synthetic skin, not a shamisen in and of itself) is relatively well regarded, but there are a few caveats:

It’s got a harder, harsher tone that a natural skinning.
It’s relatively expensive.
The texturing on the material can wear down bachi.
The tightness of the skinning can be harder on your wrist.
The glue used is significantly stronger which can lead to damage to the body when it’s removed.

For me, these issues are kind of a deal breaker. For others, it’s less of an issue.

You might wait for @Kyle_Abbott’s Made in Santa Cruz option or look at another shop ( to consider other skinning options.