Tokyo Ondo, Non Noko Bushi, Chakkiri Bushi

Hello everyone,

I am looking for tabs of the following pieces:
Tokyo Ondo
Non Noko Bushi
Chakkiri Bushi
Does anyone know of a source or where I can get these tabs?

Non Noko Bushi: 三味線のおけいこ(Shamisen practice)③のんのこ節(non-noko-bushi) - YouTube
Tokyo Ondo: 三味線のおけいこ(Shamisen practice)②東京音頭(Tokyo Ondo) - YouTube
Chakkiri Bushi: Umekichi 12 - Chakkiri Bushi - YouTube

Tokyo Ondo I found at Shamimaster, but it’s not the version I’m searching for.

Thank’s a lot for your time and help,


Chakkiri Bushi and Tokyo Ondo are both in the Fujimoto min’yo books. Consult the following image to find out which

Nonnoko is likely the same as Nagasaki Nonnoko, but please confirm with your instructor.

Please note that these books have the current Fujimoto versions of these songs, which may differ from the versions you want. Fujimoto’s arrangements are widespread, but they’re far from the only example.

Thank you very much, Brown!

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Nagasaki Nonnoko Bura

Tokyo Ondo?

I found other listings from here;

I could have sworn an Amazon link had a sample of Tokyo Ondo tabs but its in the links above and not sure this is right above. You probably looked on shamisen space as well. If I can later find from your list I will post as well.