Traveling with a Shamisen

Hey, just wanted to let you know. Traveling with the ShamiBuddy has been easy.
From the two trips from Washington State to California, the ShamiBuddy can fit in the overhead bins in the bombardier airplanes. 1 bin + the hole leading to the other bin.

Side note: On my second trip, it was highly unpleasant to use the lavatory -1000000/10. You can only sit or stand, there’s no sink (just hand sanitizer), and the stupid trash cans have those lids you have to push.

Travelling with my tsugaru shamisen has been. meh.
I bought a pillowcase, big bubbled bubble wrap, some ribbon, and reused some foam for padding. You can put together the rest.

Tell the TSA what it is and they’ll just scan. They have never asked me to open it. As for the bachi, I had my cheaper rounded one on me and the pointy one checked in my luggage.
I checked it into the valet (those carts riiiiiight before you board the plane) and told them it was an instrument. They were really good to it. At the front counter of the airport, you should also request some tape that says fragile or something.

It you are expecting rain, you better waterproof the heck out of that makeshift soft case.

Overall, TSA + shamisen is safe here.


Thanks for share , this is useful ! Good to know your shamisen is safe :grin: