Trying to find lessons for the song ohara bushi

Hey i was wondering if somebody know where i can learn ohara bushi i been listning to this song for a while now and i would really like to learn this piece

I found a cartoon clip and O Bon dance instructions and flute reference for Kagoshima Ohara Bushi but only one Shami clip titled as you noted above

Were you also referring or familiar to the anime version of Nibotah strumming and the female singer singing the song? I do not know if this would help you play it…nor if the Bon Odori dance from Kagoshima is the same.

I am not familiar unless I saw and heard your version or the dance version to know if anything I find is helpful. …

Best regards


Hi thanks for the reply the one i heard the most is from nitta masahiro but your video helped out allot atleast now i know where to start ^^ but i also left a link of the video