Tsugaru for sale?


Im thinking on upgrading my shamisen and get a tsugaru.
Someone planing to sell/upgrade? Im looking mostly for a sakura.

Send me a message if you have one and planing to sell. :slight_smile:



I don’t


Hi Lucas,
I’m working on new one now. It made from Mai Daeng which is a very dense Thai hardwood.
I also have one from 2012 that is pretty inexpensive and currently in Alberta, Canada at a friend’s place.

You can see them here: https://musicforestinstruments.wordpress.com/shamisen-2/

I see that you are looking for a Sakura, but thought I’d toss this up just in case.


Hi Catherine

Thank you for your offer. Unfortunatelly is not exactly what Im looking for.
Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:



no worries! :slight_smile:


Hey Catherine,

Thank you for the lovely shamisen. It arrived in undamaged conditioner. And sounds amazing!

Thank you very much. I hope you het your guitar finished soon


Hi Mark
Wow that was fast! Great to hear that it arrived safe and sound and especially that for are happy with it. :slight_smile: thanks so much for the support.
Currently working on a couple of new shamisens as it turns out but I hope to get started on my first flamenco guitar in a month or two. Cheers!


Still looking? I have a tsugaru kouki for sale. (my display picture). Please feel free to message me if you want more pictures.


Hi Luke, thank you. I already got one. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: