Tsugaru Shamisen for Sale July, 21

I have a gently used Shamisen that I would like to see go to someone in this amazing community that would enjoy it. To reach as many people as possible I have listed it on ebay at the link below. Included in the sale is the following. I hope someone finds it and has many years of happy playing. The buy it now price is $300 and the bidding was set to start at $200.

Tsugaru shamisen (no cuts skin in great shape)
Multiple string sets
Fingering stickers for note learning.
Finger slide
Peg oil
Book by Kyle on the art of shamisen
Carrying bag zipper pull broken.

Hi there.

I’m not presently in the market for a new instrument… but I did take a look at your listing.

It’s unlike any standard tsugaru I’ve seen before.

The doukake is okinawan style, and the tenjin seems very narrow. The nut and pegs are also more okinawan style. The base of the neck has a hatomune - a gentle curve.

It’s very interesting!! Where did you find it?

This looks to be a beautiful instrument! Unlike anything I’ve ever seen! I wish the pictures were a little less blurry though.


It was a gift. I believe the person bought from Ebay originally not sure of the maker:(

My camera is a little rough. I can take more pictures if you like :slight_smile: