Tsugaru Shamisen perfromance in France!

Hi Bachido People!

I’m sorry this is rather late notice, but I just wanted to share some info with everyone here – particularly those who live in France and Europe.

There is going to be a Tsugaru Shamisen performance in France next weekend!
Kuni-Ken (Tsugaru Shamisen unit) is coming to Paris!
Here are the details:

[Event] Japan Expo 2017
[Date] 8th & 9th July 2017
[Venue] Paris-Nord-Villepinte
[Address] Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord-Villepinte
93420 Villepinte – FRANCE


Sat. July 8th
ART stage

Sun. July 9th
SAKURA stage

In case you don’t know who Kuni-Ken is - they are Rock-themed Tsugaru shamisen brothers’ unit. I saw their performance in Japan once before, it was pretty amazing.

Here are some video links:



Not only rocky stuff, I’m pretty sure they will play Tsugaru jongara bushi as well. So, if you are not into so much rocky stuff, you can still enjoy cool classic piece as well.

I’m sharing this info because I’m their friend. They were saying they are not expecting to see any shamisen players over there in Europe, but I told them there are lots of Tsugaru players in Europe, then they are so excited. So if you see them and talk to them they will be thrilled!

K, so really hoping there are some people out there who can take advantage of this info!

They are looking forward to see you there!


I’m an ocean away but I LOVE those guys’ music. I hope there’ll be some videos available! I see them on Instagram under #津軽三味線 quite a bit so I’ll be checking haha

It’s a cool news. I can’t come since my parents can’t, but if someone could do videos, I’d appreciate!

This is some pretty awesome stuff. Keep it coming.