Tsugaru Shamisen Project Pt. 1

Hi everyone, decided I’d start sharing the progress on the shamisen I’ve started carving. I’m making it based off of Kyles book, using African Padauk (shout out to Windsor Plywood in Bellingham!)

Happy to answer any question to my process or woodworking in general as I know it can intimidating to start even buying the “correct” tools.

So far I’ve cut out the the blocks I needed and have begun shaping the Sao.

I’ll keep posting updates as I make more progress.

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Welcome to the struggle my friend :slight_smile:

Do you own a marking gauge? This is very useful for getting the form you see on professionally made instruments. Having the front side and the backside as reference faces allows you to mark material to be removed. A spokeshave or a rasp is necessary. Before shaping it’s best to do the joinery. You don’t want to invest all this time into the shape and then have a joint that does not turn out. This is the result of this method:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tg6uaZiVNlIYsFA7BOvMYBgeHJXYWQLG/view?usp=sharing

Well I’ve always just used a combination square with a scratch awl, just cause it stretches out pretty long.

I have about 4 rasps and a couple of planes, but no spokeshave (I tend to buy tools as I need em and haven’t had the need yet!)

I also tend to check the final spacing by using a straight edge and a woodwind leak light.

In hindsight I would have the done the joints first, but I have more confidence in my joint making than carving all the curves to carve in. But we shall see how it goes!!!

Also here’s some more updates https://imgur.com/gallery/Qv0pQTm

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