Tsugaru Shamisens on ebay?

Hi friends,

Recently, I’ve noticed a couple of used shamisens in the 500$USD range on ebay. Judging by the itomaki and kawa, they look like tsugaru shamisens. The pictures aren’t great quality and there are no measurements either. I’m mainly curious if these are telltale signs that they are tsugaru’s for sure- no possibility that they are any other type? I’m entertaining the idea of getting one to practice but would like to collect information before I drop any money.

Looks like free shipping and they come with accessories and cases too. Here are the links if anyone would like to get them! There’s also a “make offer” option so maybe the seller would let them go for even less? There also seems to be a save 10$ promotion going on too.

They both looks like tsugaru but without measurements really hard to say.
Just carefull, the first one is tsugaru for sure BUT a left hand one! (Azuma sawari on the right side)
The second one looks more as repurposed minyo to me as I can see, there is a lot of them selling around as “beginner tsugaru” shamisen’s priced within $600-700USD for the new one.
Looking on the material, both are quite basic

Oh wow, it didn’t even occur to me there are left handed shamisen- thanks for pointing that out. I would not have noticed until it was too late. For the second one, is it the sao’s width that suggests it’s a minyo shamisen? it’s hard to tell to my untrained eye. Thanks for your input, it helps a lot!

Yes, the overall shape of the instrument, also I do not see metal cap sao end sticking out on the back of the instrument (might be just a photo angle)