Tsugaru Style Question

Hello guys!

Well i just got a Nagauta Shamisen, im pretty interested on the Tsugaru Style, i’ve been reading that is possible to do this style on a Nagauta Shamisen, any advice on it?
As well if i go for the Tsugaru Style, does the Strings and the Bachi has to be different? ‘‘I mean about the strings as well because i’m about to buy new strings and i’ve found some Tsugaru Strings, i dont know if they fit on a Nagauta shamisen tbh’’.

Thank you in advice! <3

Hey again.

Short Answer: Yes, you can play Tsugaru style on a nagauta. No, you generally cannot use the same strings.

Long answer:
Tsugaru shamisen, the play style, is characterized by the utilization of different positions on the body, dou, and a special finger technique we usually call kamashi. You can do both of these on any kind of shamisen, but care should be taken when striking the body. The skin of a tsugaru shamisen, the instrument, is thicker than other types. It stands up better to heavy strikes.

Tsugaru shamisen, the instrument, have larger pegs (itomaki) and larger holes to allow for thicker strings. It is possible to modify the size of the hole in your itomaki to accommodate bigger strings, but you risk breaking the itomaki or ruining its structural integrity.

I understand, does the Tsugaru Koma makes a difference between the plastic one?

Koma are mostly interchangeable, with a few exceptions: Jiuta, Gidayu, and Kouta koma are a little unique.

It is typical of tsugaru players to use very low koma - the height will be rated between 2.3 - 2.8. I generally prefer around 2.6 for tsugaru. However, some players use taller koma. If memory serves, our grand poobah, @Kyle_Abbott often plays on a 3.0 height koma. Outside of this height difference, there isn’t much to comment on in terms of impact.

Sometimes the notches for the strings may not fit the strings perfectly - but that’s rarely an issue,