Ulimi Bushi - Ndio Sasa, shamisen percussion group from Kenya


We did a video a while back, thought some people might be interested.

I am not the greatest shamisen player… but it’s fun!


So, I really enjoy this piece Pete! Did you learn it by yourself or by a teacher?


Thanks! We wrote it, stealing bits and pieces from here and there.


What were the inspiration pieces?


Only the intro, really. Honestly, i don’t know what the piece is. I saw it on a random shamisen youtube video and took it from there. the rest is just the standard ringo bushi scale with a lowered 6th like somali oud music (i think, I’m sort of musically illiterate).


That was great! I enjoy the sound and how enthusiasm of everyone playing.




But just curious, is ulimi what?


Ulimi is beef tongue (牛タン). We often eat beef tongue following practices in the slum. In Nairobi, beef tongue is incredibly cheap and delicious.


I’m not really sure… I never eat that dish


Well, you should!


I love this! Great sounds!


Very nice. It’s very exotic and dance-able. It sounds like it’d be like a chase scene from an African action movie. What kind of Shamisen is it?



It is a bargain bin beginner’s nagauta.