Uploading my progress

Hey guys! This was a thought decision “since i don’t like being recorded :joy:
I will start uploading to youtube my progress, i would be happy if you can watch it and tell me where I’m wrong, what should I work in, etc!

I think that my tempo increase and decrease most of the time :pensive:

Thanks in advice!

Tough decisions like this will make you better. Great attitude. As someone who has played a few instruments I would take the parts that decrease in tempo (difficult parts), and work on them alone so that you can learn to play them faster. To get an even tempo you can practice to a metronome.


Seconding the metronome advice.

Your sound is very string centric as opposed to the heavier tataki bachi. This isn’t bad!

But don’t be afraid for follow through on your strikes.

That doesn’t mean beating the absolute heck out of the drum - rather, the idea is to make full contract with the skin for a clean snap - especially on maebachi. This will help make things more differentiated and more clearly illustrate the character of tsugarubiki

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Thank you for your advice @Brown @Karen
I usually love the sound of the snap on the skin but in the recording moment i was on my apartment and i didn’t wanted to get the neighborhood angry hahahah, next time going to a karaoke box hahaha.
Ya but sometimes feels that i don’t connect enough on the skin…:pensive: I still haven’t started practicing the Mae and ushiro bachi, should be starting it this week tho.
I have an issue that is that I never went this deep on a musical instrument, so for example I don’t know what metronome setting use for start :pensive:

Start off slow and increase the tempo as you improve. Make sure you can play the harder parts well before going to a higher speed. I’ve never used a metronome, but tapped my foot to keep time. it’s the same idea but the metronome makes it a little easier.

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Thanks @Karen and @Brown
Since i started to follow your advice guys seems that my tempo had increase a lot! Made me happy this improvement :alien::blush:

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