Video playback problem—Ch. 4: Prepare Your Shamisen


Does anyone else have problem with the video playback of “Chapter 4: Prepare Your Shamisen”?

When I try to skip to the other sections (stringing, inserting the koma, etc.) the “intro” video underneath starts to play. I cannot seem to view any of the other videos in the section without triggering the one underneath. I thought pausing the desired video and waiting for the intro (it’s under a minute) to play through would be ok, but it loops and starts over.

I’m using Firefox 66.0 and video-autoplay is set to OFF. Can someone tell me why this is happening, or more importantly how to fix it?

eta: I’m referring to the videos in the “School” section, Crash Course vol 1 specifically.


Ay, now that you mention it, I have that problem too! (on Chrome) Someone else recently wrote about the same problem. I think it started after we made a massive update of the site.

Hey bro @Luke, do you know why that might be happening?


Fix for this bug coming soon!


Alrighty! Thanks to Luke’s fix, the change is now on the site!