Here is a video, made one year ago

The video was held by a turistic guide, for a school trip in Naples. I went to a scholastic trip to visit Naples, Pompei and Ercolano. They are cities in which Romans created their cities, and there are lots of museums.
Why a pseudojiuta with Roman instruments?
I noticed there was a concert-demonstration from a group who developes research on all kinds of music, and so they played Roman instruments. The day before, I wanted totouch these instruments, becuse I always am curious to experiment new things, and they knew my interestin Japanese traditional music. So, they convinced me to try doing something. Since I was at the beginning of my journey through wagakki, I remembered I learned a song from Rin (asaki yume mishi), in wnich the first part was like a sokyoku. So we tried, and did somewhat unique!
Let me know what do you fell
Ah, I had stuffy nose (like today)!


This is lovely, it really has a Japanese atmosphere and the music and vocal complement each other perfectly. Well done!


I sang this poem. I have a purpose for you: since I posted other files in which I sing… to grow (since you heard me), what can I work on?