Videos of Akatsuki Playing

Hey all, I’m super set on buying an Akatsuki this spring! Does anyone have videos of one being played, preferably of good sound quality and by skilled hands? I enjoyed Kyle’s performance on his channel, but that was the only video I could find on YouTube of an Akatsuki being played and it wasn’t exactly covering the whole capability of the instrument (while beautiful it was a quiet, simple piece). If you’ve got, for example, a cover of Jongara Bushi then please share! Thanks :smiley:

Hi Toti!

Yay! Excellent choice, you’ll super enjoy the Akatsuki! :smiley:
Aaah, very good point. (I really should’ve filmed more videos while I still had it!) I do have a few more videos of it being played, but it is being played with another shamisen, so it might be hard to tell which is which. I’ll attach them below though!

I would say that the gentler song is the best reference for getting a good sense of the Akatsuki’s tone. When the notes are simpler, you can hear the shamisen’s pure tone the best. In an aggressive piece like Jongara Bushi, the percussive attack can kind of hide the shamisen’s tone in the recording.

(Mike is playing the Akatsuki on the right side)

Oh! A recent Akatsuki owner has been using his very pro mics to record his practice sessions. He only started a few months ago so is not doing Jonkara Bushi quite yet, but his microphones are amazing. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Bachi on!