Vinyl/DVD/CD US play and Asian media formats?

Forgive this record and format question from newbie looking at overseas format vinyl and CD and dvd recordings and media… while having US market equipment as the player…and needing a brief guide…if you wanted to play say 1940 to 1990 vinyl or CD and DVD produced or remastered in Japan or overseas on a made for US produced audio or video player…?

Some Amazon style listings will tell you Asian media format will not play on American equipment…is that for all 20th and 21st century recordings?

Sorry for silly question.

As far as I am aware:

Vinyl doesn’t have DRM in any sense of the word. If you have a player, it will play. Japanese pressings are occasionally highly sought after in fact.

CDs also lack region locks, at least as far as I know.

For DVDs, there are region locks. The US and Japan are in different DVD regions, and so will need different devices.

Thank you. That was very helpful.

I have located media players designated region 2 and other all regions players so will check settings and save in case I do obtain some DVDs with different regional specific players needed.

I have a Japanese vinyl pressing from 1959 and did not want to ruin it. My grandmother had a similar pressing circa 1960 but the packaging was different…your explanation helped me understand differences.