Wait for the new shamibuddy? or buy used shami on ebay?

is it worth it to purchase a used shami and change the skin for a synthetic one with kyle?

I really wanted to purchase the shamibuddy, but it was sold out ( congrats tho) so I have two options:

  • i could wait for the new and improved shamibuddy to come out, but since i needed the shami soon, I thought of the second option, buying a used skin cut shami online and get a synthetic skin replacement.
    if you guys reccomend the second option, how does the shipping work? do i buy and tell the seller to ship it to bachido so he can change the skin and Then bachido sends it back to me? or do I get it shipped to my place and then Ship it to bachido to change it and then he ships it back once it’s done? xD sorry this is all crazy! thanks for the answers!



Let me trow in my 10 cents:
If you choose the re-skinning way it might be a good idea to sent the body only as the shamisen is a heavy and big instrument. The tsugaru one with case can easy weights around 8-9kg. Shipping the body only would let you save a lot of money on shipping.
Assuming all the other parts (neck, pegs and etc. are good and not damaged).

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this popped us yesterday, seems like a fantastic deal for what it is. plus it may not need reskinning for some time. better act fast because it will be gone very soon i reckon

It is not something special for the price.
This is as far as I can see Nagauta Shamisen (smallest body). Cheapest karin wood, Narrow (25mm most likely) neck, curved base of the neck (lack of highest positions compared to juta, tsugaru), no sawari.

If you looking for shamisen from Japan I would suggest to check Yahoo Auction Japan.
Places like Zenmarket would buy it for you and forward the purchase to any address.
I have bought 2 instruments this way

it’s roughly the same price as a shamibuddy, with numerous accessories… including a hard case… seems like a pretty good deal for someone who is just starting out.

Yes, but you can buy it from Yahoo Auction Japan approx. 3 times cheaper for the same set.

Middle size neck, koiku wood, top quality shamisen, azuma-sawari, lot of accessories, koma, strings. Even with Shipping would cost less.

Here is a full equivalent of this ebay lot:


2 days to go, current bid $0.01USD

wow! thanks for the great resource. i’ve never thought to use yahoo

E-Bay is banned in Japan. Yahoo auction Japan is the local equivalent. The problem with it is what you have to have local address to register. Places like Zenmarket are local, already have registration and do storage, packages consolidation and reinforcement, forwarding to any address.

Be very cautious with purchasing services at this time. Japan Post suspended shipments to a number of countries for close to two months (some destinations are still suspended) and the back log is incredible. An item shipped via AIR in March—which usually gets to me in 7 days—has only now (5/29) reached US Customs. A CD shipped the same day still shows as sitting in Tokyo. :frowning_face:

Correct. The SAL Air service suspended.
There is EMS option still available but it is too expensive. I am waiting for strings and bachi shipped by sea (And a bread maker in the same parcel :sunglasses: ). 2 months to go 8-(

EMS shipments from Japan to the USA were suspended on April 23. :frowning_face: I have not yet seen an official announcement that they’re resuming. I think 2021 will get here before my Chie CD. :disappointed:

Oh, I was lucky to ship my stuff before it was late. Otherwise I would end up high in the storage fees.
Hope your stuff would arrive sooner!

By the way, somebody ended up buying this one for ~ $15USD:
The high end one for $260USD.

A bit better pricing compared to e-bay :wink:

wow, that is simply unbelievable to me! Crazy… here i am, ordered the last Raven from Bachido when i could have spent $15 on a decent instrument :stuck_out_tongue: JK of course. wondering how shipping from tokyo waggaki will be impacted…

Tokyo Waggaki closed their doors after over a century of business. :disappointed: You are very lucky to have gotten a Raven.

Hi there.

Just want to chime in really fast here:
Please take extreme care with ordering items from japan that include ivory or tortoise shell.

Both of those materials can be seized and can lead to legal action due to CITES. You may get through without issue, you may get snagged. There is always a risk, even if it’s made from old stock.

Lucky you to grab one of Tokyo Wagakki’s pieces. I don’t regularly play on them, but my limited experience with their instruments has been very positive.

I know, when I heard they were closing it pushed me over the edge. I will cherish it