Wanted Biwa- Australia


I was wondering if anyone had a Biwa and a bachi for sale?
I am located in Australia and have been looking but unable to find one, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading

Kind regards

Hey there, I’ve got a 5 string chikuzen biwa with chikuzen bachi. Recently completely professionally restored. Super lovely thing

I live over in england but I don’t mind too much sending abroad. Still debating on selling it but let me know if your interested.

This is a Chikuzen Biwa that I have bought and restored. It is available for sale, in case you would be interested.

That is one beautiful Biwa!

Thanks! it was very lovingly restored. The entire peghead, two of the frets, bridge/tailpiece and support are all new parts. The pegs are all antique shamisen pegs. Such lovely design. Originally this would’ve been a 4 string chikuzen but as we needed to make a peghead for it and a tailpiece anyway making it a 5 string would bring it up to more modern requirements. Really love that peghead he carved.