Welcome to the Bachido Community!

Welcome to the Bachido Community!

Bachido is home to the most supportive and diverse shamisen enthusiasts in the world. Many active Bachido members come to share their ideas and encourage newcomers to the instrument. Whether you have just discovered shamisen or have been dedicated to the instrument playing for years, please come in and say hello. We’re all happy to meet you. :slight_smile:

Here’s some special points of interest!

Bachido Community on Discord
Shoutout to the fine members of the Bachido Community for setting this up!

The Global Map
While practicing alone can be fun, playing with other shamisen enthusiasts is the best! Group practice sessions are a great way to motivate and inspire each other to build skill. Check out the Global Map to find other members in your area! - The Global Map

Note: The global map of members used to boast over 700 locations, but was sadly erased after the we redesigned Bachido in 2018. A map of current members is super useful for encouraging each other to connect and grow the community, so we’d love to have yourself represented! If you feel like adding yourself on the map, simply go to your account (in the upper right corner), then click ‘Profile’, and then enter your postal code in ‘Map Location

Informational Shamisen Articles
Looking for information about tuning shamisen, shamisen care, and general info about materials? Visit the Shamipedia!