What are the names of these songs?

Disclaimer: I know nothing about playing the shamisen beyond niagari, sansagari, and honchoushi, and some of the parts. I might take it up someday when I can afford it!

These were songs I heard on the YouTube channel 斉藤雅之, who uploaded old records, but it has since been terminated. I was able to find all of the songs I was looking for except these two.

The first one is a folk song, probably a funauta. My playing is too fast, and definitely not fully correct, because whenever I think about the song in my head, it always turns into Yoneyama Jinku. This song starts out really similarly, but something is different. I heard it on an Ichimaru album from the 60s with orchestra accompaniment, so I’m not entirely clear on the shamisen part. It is called “(something)-Bushi” (I know, not very helpful.) I translated the first verse once and it was something about a boat returning and the sailor going home. This, along with the tune, is probably my biggest lead. The meter is a line longer than the typical 7-7-7-5. I’m this close to remembering, but I just can’t. I think there’s a “yoisho” or a “korya” in there?

The second one is most certainly the beginning of a 端唄. The vocals first start just after that last low note. It was probably sung by Fumikichi Fujimoto, but the video is gone now. I don’t remember much, but that little bit seems pretty unique and recognizable if you know it. Sometimes it pops into my head like the Oriental Riff, but the Japanese version. :joy:

I’m asking here since I can’t think of anywhere else where people would be familiar with traditional Japanese music. Also, excuse the awful fake shamisen sound, it’s all I have!

Hi there.

It is exceptionally difficult to tell the pieces based on your example, haha. I did find play lists of Ichimaru’s recordings though.

In the “Greatest hits” playlist you can find a few songs that seem to match your melody. 天龍下れば feels the closest, but it doesn’t match the rest of your description.

Min’yo often have many, many lyrical variations though.

If it’s not this one, perhaps you can find it in the list.


Perhaps it is, in fact, Inabushi.

Thanks for your suggestions, although I’m already familiar with both Tenryuu Kudareba and Inabushi.
I looked on Yahoo Auctions to try to find that album from the 60s I remembered. I’m pretty sure this is it: https://aucfree.com/items/x726308092. I really remember that green background, and I remember Kappore also being on the album.
Based on that, I deduced that it must be 淡海節. I found it on Youtube and, what do you know, it’s exactly what I was thinking of. Also, it sounds nothing like my playing, sorry! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

As for the other song, I’m 99.9% sure (I don’t doubt at all) that what I played is exactly what I first heard! But I have no idea as to the lyrics, so…
Anyways, thanks for your help, and good luck to anyone else.

Yes, most different. Small wonder you couldn’t find it without further deduction. I actually have Omodaka Akiko’s rendition in my collection.

Anywho. Good luck on that second piece.