What can I do if I accidently oiled the top and bottom parts of the dou

I accidently oiled the top and bottom parts of the dou in two layers and I have little hope there is a sopution.

Can you share more details?
What kind of skin do you have?
What kind of oil, and in what quantity?
Was the oil just spilled on it, rubbed, or soaked?

Was that an actual accident?
Or did you follow bad advice from someone?
If it was bad advice, please share the link so the author can be publicly shamed.

any other info you can add?

I have natural skin, and I used tungoil and danish oil, and sorry not two layers. Three layers.

I am sorry for the late reply, but your case has intrigued me, and I went in search of alternative opinions.

So, first things first: I need to make sure if you have applied the oil to the skin. You said "top and bottom of Dou, and that is ambiguous for me (I am sorry).

If you oiled the skin, unfortunately your only option is to replace the skin entirely.
But even then, since you applied three layers of oil, if it went through the skin and glue and penetrated the wood, you would have a hard time getting the new skin to stay.
The Luthier will probably charge you extra to remove a layer of wood from the skin gluing face, and your Shamisen may end up half a centimeter thinner.

If you oiled the Dou panels, which seems unlikely, but just in case, and the oil penetrated the edge of the skin, you can have the skin replaced, but would probably not need to have some wood shaved.

In any case, whenever you get a new skin, I recommend you to opt for a synthetic skin. But if you don’t want syntheticsa for any reason, make sure to obtain orientation from the Luthier on how to care for your Shamisen.