What Hibiki sound like on Nagauta shamisen?

I been thinking about getting a Nagauta shamisen skin with Hibiki. It sound pretty decent for Tsugaru shamisen on video.

I wonder if anyone Nagauta player tried it out already.
Curious if the Hibiki is thin enough for Nagauta.
As Tsugaru demand thicker and tougher dog skin.

Perhaps the Hibiki has different thickness for Nagauta?

For the price point, durability, pet lover concern. This looks like an attractive option.

I wonder if FiberSen is out of production? Never heard of it again.

Well it should sound as the shamibuddy on Hibiki, @Kyle_Abbott have some videos of it tho, check his youtube channel, it will help a lot.

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Excellent question! Thanks for the tag, Brandon! :slight_smile:

Hibiki sounds great for nagauta shamisen as well. Because it’s not stretched quite as tight, the tone is warmer but still crisp. Last year I reskinned a concert dou for a professional nagauta player living in California, and she was pleasantly surprised with the tone. It was much louder and more responsive than she expected, so she was very happy. :slight_smile:

Fibersen is still being made in Japan, but I ended up deciding to only offer Hibiki, as the sound is better and more affordable. (Fibersen was the best sounding synthetic at that time, it still had a subtle plasticy tone, which Hibiki doesn’t have)


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I have a nagauta shamisen skinned with hibiki. It sounds really great! The tone is crisp, clean, and clear. I also have another nagauta shamisen skinned with fibersen, but in my opinion, hibiki definitely has a better sound. Indeed, as Kyle said, fibersen still has a plastic-y tone to it, but it’s very subtle. I definitely recommend hibiki!

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