What is the shipping cost for a shamibuddy

Hi I’m looking to buy a shamibuddy (my first shamisen) and I’ve been saving up for months (I’m only 14 so I can’t get enough money very quickly). I’m on my way but it’s hard to see how much shipping money it costs if they are all sold out. I also wanted to ask why new models for the black best buddy aren’t coming till late 2021 but the white ones are coming in a few months. It just doesn’t sound right🤷. Please write back,
Thanks a lot😁

Hi! I paid 90$ dollars shipping to the EU.
If you order it within the United States it should be significantly lower.

The restock in late 2021 is probably meant for both, there’s just the old text on the black skin model!

Sorry I forgot, I live in the northeast states :sweat_smile:
I found this one on https://zenmarket.jp/en/auction.aspx?itemCode=p829163126 but I want the skin with hibiki, I just don’t want to worry about the skin tearing or ripping. And I just don’t have much money
Thanks a lot!:grin:

Looks to be in good condition. I’m not familiar with japanese auction sites though! I do believe that there are currently limitations on the airmail service to the States, so an order from Japan could take a while going by seamail.

You can get a shamisen skinned through Bachido in the States. Just take a look at the store section, there are also prices listed.

In any case, you can certainly get a ShamiBuddy when they get back in stock. They are very good value for the price and you can get all the necessary accessoires at once for a cheaper price :slight_smile:

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Well is a bargain, but sorry pal… In the auction site the seller say that he don’t have support for sending overseas … Unless you find a second party to get it and get send to you.

It will still take a few months to have everything I need to start so I can wait, but what kind of second party?

I thought Zenmarket’s whole deal was that they are the second party.

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EXACTLEY, thats what there website looks like, it is litterally a ton of things from japan being shipped through UPS (if you live the USA of coarse).

Well i don’t know about the site, i just read the seller description, but if is a second party looks pretty good.

Yeah, the seller description is from Yahoo! Auctions Japan, so I think they’re just saying that they, personally, won’t ship outside Japan. I’ve never used Zenmarket, but as I understand it their deal is that they essentially buy stuff on your behalf from Yahoo! Auctions Japan and other places and then ship it to you.

Regarding the shamisen in the listing stuffyplushy linked, it looks nice. For that price it looks very nice.

Fair warning though, anything shipping from Japan currently will be going by Sea, so expect to wait 2-3 months.

2-3 months do you really think so :sob:. But yah what I think I can wait, I mean for the price its a good bargain. :grin:

I bought this one https://zenmarket.jp/auction.aspx?itemCode=t774535938 thank you so much for all the advice!!!:grin::joy::smiley:

Nice! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Thank you, I can’t wait, it comes with everything I need to start (except a Shamisen of Japan book😁)