What kind of shamisen

I was wondering if someone might be able to help tell me what type my shamisen is?
Also any information about what the sticker says
Also the bachi I received with it, next to a tsugaru bachi

Kind regards


As I mentioned on the facebook group, the interior label reads 民謡 “Min’yo” - but it’s always difficult to determine exactly without precise measurements.

To determine the sao type, measure near the tenjin.
To determine shousun or tanzao, measure the length of the instrument.
To determine body type, measure the length and width of the FLAT part of the dou.

Your neck has a sharp angle that is most commonly found on min’yo, jiuta, and tsugaru instruments.

That koma is very much gidayu style. Which is odd.

The smaller bachi is intended for tsugaru. The larger looks more general purpose. Neither are gidayu.

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