What Type of Bachi is This?

Hi y’all,

I just got my shamisen last week so I’m relatively new to the shamisen community :slight_smile: . The shami is secondhand from an online listing, I have no issues as it is in great condition but the original listing had no information on what type of bachi this is. I’m super curious because I can’t seem to find any information online either (in English at least. Maybe someone can link me to some resources?). If y’all can provide any info that would be much appreciated.


It is plastic isn’t? It might be a Nagauta Bachi or Jiuta tho.

Jiuta bachi are much, much wider. They also typically have a bevel near the blade. They’re perhaps among the easiest to class.


The bachi measures ~ 20 cm x 7.5 cm, correct? Material wise it looks ivory toned - but it could be plastic. Difficult to tell from the picture if it has striations. Some wear on the tips that have since been rounded down means it used to be a bit wider.

Look at this image from Sansuien (https://www.shamisen.ne.jp/shamisen_life/shop/bati_movie.html)

And Tetsukuro



It looks too long for nagauta 長唄. The handle looks a bit thick for Yanagawa 柳川, but it could be that too.

It could also be a worn down Kiyomoto 清元, Tokiwazu 常磐津, or Minyo 民謡 - though it’d be heavily worn down.


Yuppers, you got the measurements right. Did forget to mention that it’s plastic haha. I’ve seen the Tetsukuro article before but not the Sansuien one. Thanks for your insight!